Taking Care of Linen

Some people think that taking care of linen clothing takes a lot of work.  I enjoy laundry day, and really don't spend much time fussing over the linen.  I wash all my linen items separately from items made of other fabrics, and I keep the loads on the small side so each piece has room to move.  After washing on the gentle cycle, I put the load in the dryer for about 7-10 minutes.  I then hang each piece on hangers to dry, smoothing the out the wrinkles and adjusting the linen into how I want it to dry.  I find that I rarely need to iron, and when I do, I don't mind it so much.  It's fast work with a hot iron and some steam, and you are rewarded with instant results.

I love the look of white linen and have probably a hundred white linen shirts in my closet (ok, that's an exaggeration), but I have bad luck when it comes to eating and wearing white.  I refuse to give up wearing my white linen, so I have become quite adept at stain removal.  If I happen to dribble something oily on my shirt, I use liquid dishwashing soap with great success.  I have also recently discovered Oxyclean.  I know, I know - I'm a bit late to the game -  Many of you have probably been using it for years!  Oxyclean works miracles!  It is truly an amazing product.  I wet the affected area and then heavily sprinkle Oxyclean on it.  I really work it into the area, occasionally adding water.  Voila! Gone!  Today I had a place about two inches across where a fry with ketchup on it fell on my shirt.  When I got home, I used Oxyclean and you can't even tell there was ever a problem!