Match Point Mesh Linen Boxy Top with Pockets MT430

Match Point Mesh Linen Boxy Top with Pockets MT430

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Match Point lightweight mesh linen boxy top with pockets in mud (a weave of black, brown, and offwhite threads) and natural  This style is oversized, and is meant to hang off the shoulder.  If you want a closer fit, you will probably want to size down.  When I lay the top flat, it is pretty much a square....a pretty square made of awesome fabric  :)

The mesh is/can be see through.  You probably don't want to wear your hot pink cheetah print bra with this.  (more so with the natural, than the mud)

 Measuring straight across from underarm to underarm of the top, a small measures about 31 inches, a medium measures about 32 inches, a large about 33 inches, and an extra large about 34 inches.  To get the total distance around the top, multiply these numbers by two.  

The length from the back of the neck to the hem for a small is about 27 inches, the medium is about 27.75 inches, the large about 28.5 inches, and the extra large about 29.

Measurements are approximate and can vary from piece to piece and shipment to shipment.  If you email me, I can send you the exact measurements of the one I'll be sending to you.